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Writing about our place in the natural world comes naturally. My most powerful early influences in my work came from my conservationist father and living in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, Washington. Today, I write from Missoula, Montana -- in the shadow of Mt. Jumbo.

I strive to engage,  provoke interest, and  accurately write the story. For more than 20 years, I’ve penned articles, interpretive exhibits, websites, brochures, fact sheets, press releases, radio PSAs, reports and books. My degrees in biology and journalism combined with a wealth of experience give my clients the assurance that I can tackle complex subjects.

My children’s books, Bird Feats of Montana and

Bug Feats of Montana , combine colorful photos and illustrations with text that invites readers of all ages to step outdoors and explore nature.


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Deborah Richie

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Recent Writing:

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Deborah Richie

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